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Neighbourhood Pride Fund

The Neighbourhood Pride Fund has been set up by Gloucester City Council, and will be awarded in grants of up to £1,000 to resident or community groups for projects that benefit the environment. The recent success of Liveability has proved that the people of Gloucester are keen to get involved in improving the city and the neighbourhoods in which they live. Click here for further information

Working In Partnership With Business

Local businesses will also be given the opportunity to foster good community relations, by providing match funding or donating volunteers or materials to a Neighbourhood Pride project of their choice. If you are a local business and are interested in getting involved in the Neighbourhood Pride Fund please contact Sheila McDaid on 01452 396976 or prix des timbres for further information


Over the next ten years we aim to create a fair, just and thriving community in Gloucester where no-one is seriously disadvantaged

To achieve our vision we will be guided in all our work by the following values:

Community Strategy


The Gloucester Partnerships first task was to prepare a community strategy for enhancing the quality of life of the community of Gloucester. The GP's Community Strategy is entitled Our Gloucester - Our Future - It is a single strategy which brings all service providers together with a shared vision to deliver what the community wants through agreed actions. The Community strategy provides the main framework for all other strategies, and the direction for all partnership working.

For your convenience we have split the Community Strategy into the following sections:

The Community Strategy has to meet four objectives. It must:

Neighbourhood Working Group


The Neighbourhood Working Group has been set up to develop a strategy for Neighbourhood Working.


To develop a partnership approach to neighbourhood working as a key contribution to delivering priorities in Our Gloucester, Our Future and Gloucester City Council's Corporate Strategy.

The strategy will set out a framework of principles and processes for partnership neighbourhood action which will contribute to the objectives of Our Gloucester Our Future for improving the quality of life for residents. It will set the direction for neighbourhood participation, neighbourhood renewal, neighbourhood management and improving services at neighbourhood level:

doing it differently, doing it more where it's needed and doing it together.



City Centre Community Partnership

The City Centre Community Partnership was launched at the Guild Hall on 15 May 2004. Every resident living within the geographical boundaries of the partnership automatically became a member. In order to make it easier for residents to be involved in issues and areas of concern or interest the partnership has formed three themed groups

An Environment Theme Group An Arts & Culture Theme Group A Community Safety Theme Group

Three Bridges Neighbourhood Partnership

The partnership is a voluntary body, set up in 2000 in accordance with local and National policy to: "bring together agencies and residents to identify neighbourhood priorities and do something about them." It exists only to serve everyone who, lives in Tuffley, Grange and Podsmead - the three council wards that make up the Three Bridges area. Everyone living in the area, is automatically a member of the partnership. The Three Bridges also works in partnership with various organisations such as: Local Government, Businesses, Statutory and Voluntary Bodies, Clubs, Schools, Churches etc - that provide services for the people living in these wards. Officers are elected by members at the AGM, and broad guidance on, and approval of, actions taken by Officers on behalf of the partnership is sought in such public forums. Action Groups (made up of Partnership Officers, residents and members of partner organisations) carry out specific tasks - aiming to take courses of action that best serve the interests of the local community. The small group of people who carry out the work of the Three Bridges Neighbourhood Partnership are unpaid. They do so without any political, religious, social or other bias. The partnership always welcomes help from people with a little time to spare and an interest in working for a cleaner, greener, safer and healthier community. If you would like to learn more about the Three Bridges Neighbourhood Partnership or would like to help in any way please contact: Mavis Wall (Chair) Three Bridges Neighbourhood Partnership on 01452 416448.

Learning, Skills and Employment Initiative (LS &E)

The Community Strategy vision for Gloucester City is that "Over the next 10 years, we aim to create a fair, just and thriving community in Gloucester where no one is seriously disadvantaged". The Learning Skills & Employment Initiative is a new venture to help make that happen. Rooted in the urban regeneration that is under way in Gloucester city Centre, it aims to match the learning, skills and employmeny needs of local residents to employer opportunity and needs, in order to enrich the economy and community.

Gloucester Heritage Urban Regeneration Company (GHURC) aims to "bring life back to historic areas of Gloucester, reflecting their special character whilst creating a new, prosperous, attractive, safe and sustainable urban centre for the 21st century. The LS & E intiative is working alongside to support the innovative programme of physical development with an equally innovative approach to improving learning, skills and employment for the people and communities of Gloucester.

The Brokerage Model

LS & E is developing ways for employers, learning providers and residents within the regeneration areas to be brought more closely together through a 3-way 'brokerage' service that benefits them all.

The aim is to match local residents successfully to the employment opportunities that arise from regeneration, providing appropriate advice, guidance and skills development. Many organisations are already active in this arena, including local community partnerships, providers of guidance and of learning, and national organisations such as Jobcentre Plus. The LS & E Initiative is working with them to develop a more 'joined-up' approach.

The Vision For Local Residents And Communities

The local communities to be affected most directly by the regeneration will be the Westgate and Barton & Tredworth wards, though the impact will be wider. LS & E and its partners want to see the following happen in those areas:

The Vision For Employers

Some 1000 employers stand to be affected by the GHURC Regeneration Project. The companies involved in the construction phase will be followed by others in areas such as retail, hotel and catering and office based work. In the longer term, the "high value" employment sectors envisaged in the GHURC plan will give exciting opportunties for local residents who have enthusiasm and skills. LS & E and its partners want to see the following happen:

The Vision For Gloucester City Centre Economy

LS & E and its partners want to see the following happen:

The Role Of Learning Providers

The LS & E brokerage will focus on identifying skills gaps and ensuring that learning programmes to help fill them are available and accessible. This has implications for the full range of local education and training providers, including schools, universities, colleges and others (eg those from the voluntary/community and private trainin companies).

Making It Happen

In 2006, the set-up phase, LS & E is being funded by community Counts and the Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities Fund to:

There is an eight-month half time post to take this work forward

Where Can You Find Out More?

For further information please contact:
Jo Lloyd, LS & E Manager
0845 202055

What is a Local Strategic Partnership (LSP)?

The Local Government Act 2000 , placed a duty on local authorities (councils) to prepare a community strategy for their area. The community strategy is intended to promote the social, economic and environmental well-being of the area. This means that the issues involved will cover a very wide range and must reflect the needs and aspirations of the community.

Local Authorities could not take on this role alone so it was recommended that the well being agenda should be pursued through an LSP. The LSP would bring together the statutory, voluntary and community and private sectors to work together to improve the quality of life for people in Gloucester.

Local partners decide on the full range of work for the LSP, as outlined in Our Gloucester - Our Future, however government guidance did state some core tasks:

Children & Young People


Over the next 10 years to make it easier and more enjoyable to be a young person in Gloucester.

Mission Statement

CYPAG will provide a voice for children and young people so that they can influence decisions that affect their lives, including strategies on play, crime and disorder and planning new developments.

Through joint working, the various agencies represented on CYPAG will deliver a range of accessible and affordable facilities in Gloucester, informed by the Community Strategy and by what children and young people have said they want.

In all it's activities CYPAG will promote community cohesion and offer opportunities for young people from the various and diverse communities within Gloucester to meet and work together.

CYPAG will also work to support young people to play an active part in their own safety and reduce the risk of tem becoming involved with crime.

To view the terms of reference for the CYPAG please click here (file size 26KB)

To view the action plan for 2006-7 please click here


Performance Management


The Gloucester Partnership needs to ensure that it can achieve what it has set out to do and that its targets reflect the ambitions within the community strategy.

The Audit Commission Report in 2003 - Making Improvements through Partnership made a series of recommendations including the need to introduce a formal approach to monitoring and evaluation.

In 2004-5 the Gloucester Partnership produced its first action plan which sets out the activity that would take place over the period 2004-5, to work towards the 27 targets within the Community Strategy. This action plan has been reviewed and to view this review, please click here.

To view the action plan for 2005-6 please click here

Action plans will be produced every year to monitor the targets and lead agencies will be asked to report annually on progress.

Performance Indicators

The Gloucester Partnership have selected a set of quality of life indicators which will be used to measure the impact of the community strategy on the quality of life in Gloucester.

Healthy City Partnership (HCP)

The Healthy City Partnership has been set up to develop and monitor progress in Ambition 3 of the community strategy: A Healthy, Active City. It is chaired by West Glos PCT and has representation from a number of organisations within the city who have an interest in improving the health of the city.

The group are currently looking at refining the targets within the ambition. Some of the targets are difficult to measure and may not be stretching enough, others are the clear responsibility of a single organisation and do not require partnership action. The Group are gathering baseline information against each of the targets and the new targets will be fed into the wider review of the community strategy.